Medellín in one day

What to do in Medellín in one day?!

If you don’t have enough time to spend in this amazing city, this post can help you with the top attractions of Medellín; what are the best things to do and how to get to each of them.

Our day in Medellín was atypical, as it was December 24th. We couldn’t get a walking tour, which is always our favorite thing to do once in a new city: understanding the historic context and going to places that only locals would know, gives us the real cultural experience.

Medellín is much more modern than Bogotá; the metro line is pretty easy to use and takes you to most of the tourist points. In any city in South America it’s really important to stay in a safe neighborhood, so make sure you check if your accommodation is in a good area.

We stayed in Laureles, next to the Stadium metro station; it’s an excellent neighborhood for first time travelers, there are plenty of hostels, restaurants and transportation around. Our accommodation was Hotel Punto 70, it’s more like an apartment than an actual hotel, good enough location and price, nothing fancy. In fact bed sheets were really poor, but it was alright for one night stay.

San Antonio is the station where all metro lines meet and from there you can go to the historic centre, El Poblado. In this area you will see one of the main attractions in Medellín – Botero square, where 19 replicas of his sculptures are placed right in front of a beautiful cathedral; there’s also “Yo amo Medellín” sign not far. Once you are in this square you are walking distance from all other attractions: Museum of Antioquia, La Candelaria church, Bolivar park and Medellin Cathedral. You can spend the morning wondering around here and have a nice Colombian lunch in one of the many restaurants you will find here.

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Plaza Botero, Medellin – Colombia

In the afternoon head off to Medellín cable car for a nice view and also a walk around Arvi park. The cable car is not designed to be a tourist attraction, as it serves as public transportation for the people who live in the communities up the hill. To get here, you need to take the metro to Acevedo station then change to the cable car and head to Santo Domingo Station; another change need to be done here and then your final stop will be Arvi station, right in front the entrance of the park.

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Arvi park, Medellin – Colombia

At the entrance there’s a handcraft and local produce market; we haven’t walked around the park as we went up quite late in the afternoon, but the view from the cable car was pretty nice!

Cable car’s view, Medellin – Colombia

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Because it’s was Christmas Eve, we went back to our hotel to get ready for the festivities. Medellín is pretty big on Christmas and the entire city is covered with Christmas lights. If like us, you are lucky to spend “navidad” in Medellín, read Greg’s post to find out what to do during Christmas.

It’s a short post as it was a short day, we definitely wish we could have more time to spend exploring the city. The few things we saw was enough to make us wish to come back.

If you have any question, let me know by commenting on the post!

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