Islands boat tour from Split

Hello you all! Today I’ll tell you about our boat tour in Croatia; sadly it was our last stop in this beautiful country.

After Plivtice lakes, we went back to Split for a last night. We didn’t book the tour in advance, so that may have increased the price of it a little. The reason we decided to buy it on the day was because we wanted to visit Vis and there weren’t many options online.

On the main promenade you will find quite few agencies with very wide range of tours. We choose Hvar 5 Islands and Blue Cave and paid £196 for 2 people (approximately 12 hours)! Whoop!

Greg and I are fairly unlucky with weather every time we go on holidays, especially when any boat travel is involved. This time was no different. We didn’t manage to see the blue cave as the sea wasn’t calm at all! It turned out to be quite a scary adventure – much fun tho!

Since we couldn’t make to the cave we went straight to Komiza in Vis, a very charming fishermen’s village; we wandered around stone buildings and had some ice cream in one of the many restaurants by the port. From there our boat went to Stiniva Cove, a beautiful small pebble beach where you can jump in the water and have some fun; according to Greg the water was so salty that was almost impossible to sink! Can you imagine why I didn’t jump?! …yep I don’t know how to swim! I know it’s sad; but don’t worry, later on I manage to overcome my fears, keep reading!

Next stop was Ravnik Island; as far as I understood from there we could get tickets to the Green Caves, but as you know, no luck, so we just stayed around another pebble beach where we could snorkel. Lots of nice little fishes to see out there!


My favourite stop on this tour was a sandy beach at the blue lagoon in Budikovac. Even if you don’t get this particular tour, arrange time and transport to see at least this beach, it’s well worth it. The water is so blue and the view is definitely one to remember! Our tour guide “parked” the boat as close to the beach as he could, so people who didn’t know how to swim (I wasn’t the only one, phew) could still jump in the water with a life vest to reach the shore. I thought it would be easy to “swim” with a vest, but Greg literally had to push me all the way to the beach! Big thanks hubby!

It’s an unspoilt beach and the water here is really calm. Not sure why there was only 1 more boat around, but having this privacy was amazing!

The boat tour makes your final stop at Hvar port. We had lunch in a Italian restaurant suggested by our tour guide; and no, it wasn’t expensive! In fact he managed to get all of us a discount and we only paid 209 KUNAS for 2 pizzas and beverage at Mizarola restaurant

After lunch we had time to walk around Hvar, but as you know, we’ve been there before (you can find the details here), so we just chilled out in front of the sea.

That was us on our last day!

And here is a list of our previous stops in Croatia, just in case you haven’t read it yet:

Split and Zadar
Plitvice Lakes

…and come back for more travel tips 🙂


  1. This is awesome boat trip in Croatia. This is the best place for the new couple for spending their best time or vacation. boat trip with sunset will make so romantic environment. Its very good to see you both enjoyed here. Your trip is a great motivation for us.

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