Croatia – Brac and its famous beach, Zlatni Rat

Hallo y’all! I’m back to let you know about another amazing island in Croatia – Brac. We left Hvar in the morning and took the ferry to Brac, going to Bol town. One way ticket was 70 KUNA each (summer time) and the journey is around 40 minutes.

Our accommodation was half an hour walking from one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, Zlatni Rat. We stayed at Villa Mila, a lovely place with a really friendly owner; a lady who cannot speak much English but yet can make your stay very comfortable. Our two nights at one bedroom apartment was €158

Since we were planning our trip to Croatia’s islands, we had in mind renting a quad to go around. We didn’t manage to do it in Hvar, so we couldn’t miss it in Brac. You can find many tours that will include a quad, but usually not choosing your own destination. At the entrance to the main promenade in Bol you will see a parking with scooters, bikes and quads to rent. This agency lets you rent without buying a tour, but the quad rental has some restrictions. They will give you a map to show where you can’t go with it – basically anywhere that is unpaved. You can get a quad for €13 per day, but we paid a little more than that as we had it overnight.

Red quad

Well, after having transportation in place we went for lunch right next to the parking lot in a Pizza bar facing the sea. We paid 297 KUNAS for two small pizzas and non-alcoholic beverage.

Vidova Gora

You guys may have noticed that we pretty much chase sunsets wherever we go and it was no different in Brac. When we got our quad we drove to Vidova Gora, the highest point on the Adriatic Islands with a view to the Zlatni Rat beach. The ride takes around 1 hour, but if you are going by car it’s 40 minutes. It was real fun going there by quad, although our buttchicks were awfully painful the next morning.

On the mountain there is a sort of observation tower. We didn’t go up as it seemed closed, but when we were leaving, a couple was going up there, so I think it’s worth researching about it!

There is free parking about 10 minutes’ walk from the top of the mountain from where, on one side you can see the shape of Zlatni beach and from the other an amazing sunset between trees – sunset may be seen from slightly different angle depending on the time of the year.

Back to the city in a really adventures way – it was pitch dark, by the time we reached the serpentine to Bol. We went for dinner; in the very long promenade you can find restaurants, bars, cafes for all tastes and budgets. We choose Vendetta by Vagabundo, it’s fancy and expensive if you consider that you are in Bol, but coming from UK, £11 for a meal doesn’t sound that bad. You can check their menu here

“Quading” around

The next morning we woke up very early to watch the sunrise from the well-known Golden Cape or as I’ve said before Zlatni Rat beach. Although it looks like a lovely sandy beach from all the pictures on the internet, it’s actually a pebble one. Still pretty! In the morning you can’t see the blue ocean if the sun isn’t shining, but having this beach just to yourself pays the price.

After a power charging sunrise we head to our first stop on the “quadventure” – Lovrecina. This is a sandy beach one hour by quad from the Bol town. With few stops at viewpoints, we reached our destination. To get on this beach you will need to come down through a very narrow and steep road. The water is very shallow and you need to walk quite a bit to be able to swim. Because we got here early it wasn’t so crowded, but around 11am it started to be a little chaotic as the sand stretch is not that wide and there is no proper parking lot.

Lovrecina beach

On our way back, we went for lunch at Konoba Kopacina, an amazing restaurant recommended by the lady who rent us the quad. If you have time, eat in there. It’s money well spent! We paid 199 KUNAS for 2 meals and beverage.

Konoba Kopacina:

All the way back to Bol, we went to see the Monastery, it was closed, but we enjoyed a little beach nearby called Martinica.

Martinica beach

Our last stop was the Murvica Beach, 15 minutes’ ride from Bol town. You should park on the road and go down by foot (10 minutes); there is a restaurant in there with a very privileged view.

Murvica beach

On our last night in Brac, we had dinner on the main square. There was a festival going on where you could try different types of food and enjoy music outdoors.

Most of the beaches I talked about in this post are pebble beaches; make sure you have the appropriate shoes for that.

Travelling by quad cost us around 40 KUNAS on gasoline

If there is anything in particular you would like to know about in Brac, send us a message and I will get back to you.


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