Croatia – How to see Dubrovnik in just 1 day

Turquoise water, orange rooftops and beige limestone streets is what gives Dubrovnik its nickname – The Pearl of the Adriatic. From Game of Thrones through The Last Jedi to new James Bond, it should come as no surprise that the city was chosen for so many scenes in so many movies! We only had one, amazing day in this beautiful medieval city and indeed, amazing it was! Summer was in full swing and sun turned up the heat to high 30s. Make sure you pack sun screen!


NOTE: All prices are accurate at the time of purchase. The prices in UK £ are based on using Halifax Clarity Mastercard – It’s unlikely you’ll find better rates anywhere else.


This little town is located between Zracna luka airport and Dubrovnik city. After we landed, we took an Uber and had a little stroll around, before taking a taxi boat to reach our destination. I will recommend going to Cavtat under a condition that you’ll take a boat to reach Dubrovnik. Arriving into the city this way adds to the excitement and, as a Game of Thrones fan, I felt like I’m about to step into Kings Landing – silly, I know! Other than the boat ride, this little town is nowhere near a highlight of Croatia, but a nice little addition. Boats leave every 30-60 minutes and cost 60 KUNA one way, 100 KUNA (£11.97) return.



We stayed in the heart of the old town in a double room/apartment with private bathroom at Rilati Palace. It’s a very small, but comfortable accommodation with a private entrance in the heart of the city. One night was £69 and it’s money well spent.


We ate at Arka restaurant, minutes from the historic stairs. The food is tasty and fresh; I can recommend the place for convenience of good location, but it’s nothing special. Expect what you would from a tourist place with high traffic! A main dish meal with beers for two was 340 KUNA (£40.67).


City Walls

An hour to two, walk around the old town’s walls with orange roof tops “on the palm of your hand” and stunning views of surrounding area. An abundance of great photo opportunities, so don’t forget your Canon (or an Iphone, if you’re like us). There’s even a bar half way through – drink a glass of Karlovacko (Croatian beer) while admiring beauty of the Adriatic Sea and hard efforts of kayakers below you. If you are going during summer time, make sure you have your sunglasses and a hat with you, as the sun can be overwhelming. A single ticket is 150 KUNA (£35.89) and you shouldn’t miss it.

Cable car and Srd Mountain top

A sunset is always on my “to do list”, wherever we go. What better place to enjoy it then a mountain top with Dubrovnik city and the Adriatic Sea at your feet?! Choose your timings right to enjoy the spectacle (cable car ride to the top takes around 5-10 minutes), arrive a little early and walk outside of the cable car station between some old buildings/ruins to reach the edge of the mountain and secure “front row seats”. I’m not sure about Drinking in Public laws in Croatia, but a little wine should do no harm! I’d love to describe the sunset for you, but I’m afraid the quality of it, dwarfs my writing skills. Since “a picture is worth a thousand words”, here is! Return Cable Car ride was 140 KUNA (£16.75) per person and the sunset was FREE.

Srd Mountain


We went big here! Panorama restaurant is adjacent to the top of the cable car and, as the name suggest, the view is great. Just to be clear here, you don’t need to go to the restaurant to enjoy the amazing sunset, but the comfort of good food and drink added to the experience. The meal and service was really good, but unfortunately the price did reflect the location. Main meal for 2, beer and a dessert to share was 670 KUNA (£80.15).

We left in the morning, taking a taxi to the port. Our next destination was the island of Hvar, where we got via a ferry from Dubrovnik. Come back to our blog on Wednesday to know all about it!


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