Mallorca itinerary

Greg and I got married twice; since he is from Poland and I am from Brazil our best option was to get married in both countries, which was wonderful and gave us the opportunity to have two honeymoons – whoop!!!

Playa de Alcudia – Mallorca

So, now that you are in the loop I will tell you everything about our honeymoon in one of the Balearic Islands and give you some itinerary ideas.

We were in Majorca in July 2015; because it was a special vacation, we set the budget holiday aside and got on board with an all-inclusive deal! We choose the Piscis hotel, in the Alcudia area, 5 days for £414.

When you are on an all-inclusive deal, you are kind of stuck in the area as you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. That’s what we did in the first few days; the beach was only 5 minutes walking from the hotel – a very family orientated beach with calm sea.

Playa de Alcudia – Mallorca

On one of the days we decided to rent a car and go around the island. Best decision ever! Not that I don’t like to be laying down on a nice beach doing nothing, but it’s nice to have a change of scenery as well.

We went to Sa Calobra – which I highly recommend. The ride itself is amazing, with beautiful mountains and a serpentine road that will keep your adrenaline levels high! After the adventure you will be nicely recompensed with a very cute pebble beach.
On our way back to the hotel, we watched the sunset from Cap the Formentor, a fortress above the sea; I don’t even need to tell you how spectacular the view was, right?

One day before we head back to cold Scotland, we planned to go to Ibiza by ferry as it was only half an hour from Port de Palma. If you would like to do that and you are not so close to the Port, please make sure you book a car at least 24 hours before. We’ve tried to get a car with our hotel, but it was too late and not guaranteed. We ended up paying quite a lot of money to get to the port by taxi, as the car wasn’t ready and we had already bought the ferry tickets. I know, silly mistake!

The ferry ride is very short and you can enjoy the nice views from the balcony. We rent a car at Port of Ibiza; it is not so crazy to drive around there. Our first stop was in San Antonio bay, a city beach with a long promenade. There is nothing particular special in there, but you will for sure feel that you are definitely in Ibiza: beach, sun and fancy dresses!

San Antonio promenade

Back to the car we drove around looking for nice beaches, as we didn’t plan it ahead, we trusted our instincts – and also a map we’ve got from the port – and just stop whenever seems cool. Unfortunately I can’t tell you what beaches we’ve seen, but I can assure you that get lost in Ibiza is a pretty good deal.

We got back to Palma de Mallorca in the late afternoon; we enjoy the city for a little while, just walking around quite few restaurants and bars. If you are looking for a night life in Mallorca, this is the place.

This was pretty much a really relaxing honeymoon, we definitely didn’t explore much for our standards, but it was good to experience an all-inclusive holiday for a change!

I hope we helped you to get at least some insights about this beautiful island, you can always drop us a message for some more specific information!

See you soon!

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