What to do in 2 days in Liverpool

Arguably the second most important tourist city to visit in England. Birth place of the Beatles and the idea and design of the most famous ship in world’s history, The Titanic (the ship was built in Belfast). Here’s a two days itinerary to the pop music capital of the world.


Where to stay?

Liverpool is expensive and even staying outside of the city centre will be pricey. If at all possible, I recommend getting a bunk bed in a hostel, but if privacy is of importance, head to Airbnb or Trivago and chose a place with good public transportation links (http://www.merseytravel.gov.uk). We drove to Liverpool from Edinburgh and free parking was a must for us. For that reason we stayed at Gateway B&B, which I cannot recommend. We were there for only one night and paid £68.31.

What to see?

The most of Liverpool’s waterfront, from Canning to Queen’s dock, is worth a stroll around, but Albert Dock is absolute must see! Lined with cafes, pubs, restaurants and souvenir shops, with boats docked around, it makes a perfect spot for taking photographs.

The Beatles story museum is definitely worth visiting even if, like me, you’re not a fan. The story of the most famous band in the world is revealed, as you move around the rooms designed to bring you closer to the characters and events.

We took part in a Secret Liverpool walking tour, which was very much alternative to a standard walking tour. You get to hear about some (not so proud) history of Liverpool’s businessmen, as well as some graffiti’s hidden meaning. I had a really great time and can recommend that without hesitation. Although she still enjoyed it, Sara wasn’t as thrilled, as me.

Liverpool’s Cathedral is a spectacular building and the largest religious one in whole of Britain. The interior is as impressive as exterior and there’s a possibility of going all the way to the top to enjoy the views. Primarily, this was the reason we went there in the first place, but due to an event taking place inside, we couldn’t go to the top. Another “most see” for The Beatles fans is the Cavern, one of the pubs where the band played when they first started. The music wasn’t really to our liking, so we moved to a pub next door, where a young artist played and sang some popular covers.

Where to eat?

As we were on a budget, we did visit quite a few McDonald’s and Burger Kings; however we also ate quite amazing meal at Viva Brazil. It’s a classic rodizio, which has a buffet and serves grilled meat to your table.

So here is what I consider essential to be seen in Liverpool. Stay tuned for more travel tips.


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